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5 Lens Magnifier Set, m/ Lys

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750 m² butikk i Oslo


  • Lightcraft Versatile 5 Lens Magnifier Set

    Ideal for close-up detailed tasks, leaving your hands free. Includes 5 lenses and adjustable LED spot light. Comes with interchangeable spectacle frames & elastic headband.
    For professional renovation & restoration, electronics & precision engineering, model making, craft and smaller DIY projects.


    • Comfortable, lightweight frame with elastic headband option & adjustable nose rest
    • 5 precision interchangeable lenses with focal lengths from 75mm (3") to 350mm (14")
    • Includes lens case and cleaning cloth
    • Adjustable lens - 7 positions from front to back
    • LED spotlight - adjustable (3x AAA batteries included)


    Lightcraft offers a great value range of fluorescent and LED daylight magnifier lamps. The range includes, table lamps, long reach & task lamps, headband magnifiers and lightboxes.

    The fluorescent daylight tubes allow you to view colours accurately anytime day or night, as well as the smaller detail on objects. The tubes provide a consistent shadow free light source, are energy saving and have low heat emission which means that you can work for longer and in comfort. The new LED lamp will give you hours of natural energy efficient light, long reach and the option of extra magnification.

    From occasional user to professional, Lightcraft has the product to suit your needs.

    The users are wide and varied, including reading, writing & study, crafting & modelling, sewing & tapestry, jewellery making, electronics and light industrial work, airbrushing, nail art & filling, stamp collecting, painting and even smaller DIY tasks. The list goes on!

    All Lightcraft products comply with EU quality standards.


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