Brushes & Tool Organizer

Ammo by Mig Jimenez
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Oppbevaring for for pensler og diverse verktøy. Monteres på kun få minutter. Krever hvitlim for montering (følger ikke med).

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A useful bullet-shaped brush and tool organizer, perfectly sized for your workbench, provides access to your favorite modeling tools easily every time. The organizer features 25 storage slots with a 6mm diameter, 27 of 8mm and 7 of 11mm. This allows you to organize a wide range of necessary modeling items from blades and scissors to brushes and tools of various shapes and sizes. This laser-cut organizer ships unassembled, and is easily assembled with white glue (not included). The organizer has a symmetrical shape, enabling you to join two modules to create a larger storage unit. For example: one side for brushes reserved for acrylic paints and the other for those used with enamels and oils; or one section for brushes and the other for tools.

Dimensions: 8 cm (depth) x 20,5 cm (width) x 10 cm (height)

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Produsent Ammo by Mig Jimenez
Artikkelnr. MIG8022