Foam & Craft Glue

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Luktfritt foamsafe silikonlim for EPP and EPO skummaterialer. Limet tørker helt klart / gjennomsiktig. Limet er mer fleksibelt enn Superlim (CA). Kan også brukes på treverk og plastikk. Også egnet for å lime klare deler som Canopy osv.

Innhold: 30 ml.

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Mer informasjon på Engelsk:

FOAM-CURE™ is a silicone based adhesive that works very well on EPP and EPO foams. It is crystal clear and cures to a more flexible consistency than CA. It is, however, not instant bonding like CA and there is no accelerator to speed it’s curing. To obtain a faster initial bond when bonding two pieces, FOAM-CURE™ can be applied to one piece and after the two are joined, they can then be pulled apart. After letting it air dry for about ten minutes, FOAM-CURE™ will act like a contact cement when the parts are rejoined, resulting in enough tack strength to allow the next steps of assembly. Full strength is reached in 10-12 hours.

FOAM-CURE™ works with all foams, and will actually bond most other materials. It will bond wood and plastic to foam, and is a good canopy glue. FOAM-CURE™ does not, however, cure flexible enough to act as a hinge for aircraft control surfaces. Its limitations occur when bonding large areas of two non-porous materials. FOAM-CURE™ requires exposure to air for drying. If one tried to bond, for example, a half-dollar coin to glass, over 90% of the adhesive would never cure, since the solvent it contains would have no where to evaporate. A small amount of denatured alcohol can be mixed into the Foam-Cure to make it thinner.

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
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