Drakulas Slott, Jubileumsmodell - Faller 75 år

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750 m² butikk i Oslo


Byggesett av Slott Bran fra Transylvania, Romania, også kjent som Drakulas slott. Over 1100 deler. Begrenset opplag i forbindelse med Fallers 75 års jubileum. Deler for å bygge den på flatmark og i åsside er med. Mål: 490 x 325 x 415 mm

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Limited-edition anniversary model for »75 Years of FALLER«

Accurate replica of Bran Castle, which was built in the 14th century in the municipality of Bran in Siebenbürgen, Romania, as a fortification and was later converted into the royal dwelling.

The multifaceted layout of the castle with its irregular floor plan and extravagant roofscape was developed over the course of multiple modifications and expansions through the centuries.

The inner courtyard with its half-timbered elements is surrounded by the high, square central tower with its mono-pitched roof and ridge turret to the north, the main residence with its roof terrace and solid natural stone outer wall to the east, the gatehouse with a sentry box and large outside staircase to the castle, a prominent stair tower with a conical roof and an annexe for the park access to the south, and a battery tower with an enclosed round tower displaying a conical roof in the south-westerly direction.

The model is equally suited to being built as a hilltop or lowland castle.

The castle, which is now used as a museum, is closely connected to the myth of the vampire Count Dracula. As legend has it, the historical figure Vlad III, who at that time was the ruler of the Principality of Wallachia and possibly the inspiration for Bram Stoker's famous fictional character, used the castle as his residence.

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