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Miniservo for bruk sammen med SwitchPilot Servo eller andre løsninger. Tar meget liten plass og er eget som pensemotor eller andre bevegelige deler som planovergang.

Inneholder servo, samt festebraketter, skruer og servoarmer.

Mer informasjon på engelsk:

The Servo Motor is a high-performance and noiseless actuator, introduced by ESU, suitable for the SwitchPilot decoders. It uses a highly-developed remote controtechnique and is perfectly suited for setting all kind of scenes on your layout in motion.


The most important application regarding the Servo Motor is to throw points. With the help of the Servo Motor you are able to move your model railway switches like the original ones: the switch blade moves slowly and powerfully from one position to another. While doing this the Servo Motor works almost noiseless. It is mere child´s play to motorize railway crossings via the Servo Motor and the SwitchPilot Servo. At last you can let the gates down at your keyboard in due time. Furthermore the Servo Motor enables you to open and close the doors of your engine shed by remote control.

Mini servo

The most important component of the Servo Motor is a tiny and light mini servo. It weighs 9 gram and despite its little dimensions of only 26 mm x 13 mm x 24 mm, it reaches a power of up to 1.0 kg/cm.


To make the application of the Servo Motor as easy as possible, we included substantial accessories to the delivery, which are especially adjusted to our customers´ needs: Among some diverse control horns, there is a special servo horn for a direct insert of the controlling wire. The controlling wire is, of course, included as well as the mounting screws. The most important accessory is a special servo holder: it enables you to install the Servo Motor either horizontal or vertical – depending on the application.


Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
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