MX685 Funksjonsdekoder

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750 m² butikk i Oslo


PDF Manual, 1 MB

Funksjonsdekoder uten motorutgang. Kan brukes for interiørlys, sluttlys, styrevogner etc.

8 funksjonsutganer. 2 x 0,4 A totalt.

Mer informasjon på engelsk:

The MX68 Decoder Family is a special Type with no motor amplifier, with its up to 8 functional outputs it can be used for interior lighting, back lights or other additional devices. The MX68 might also be used as a second Decoder in Locos if there are more function outputs needed than the Locodecoder has.
The outputs can be dimmed, blinking or switched as direction depending. Besides these "normal" there are several special features:

  • the “location dependent function control”, this means automated switching of specified outputs in certain track sections. Works together with track section module MX9. With this feature for instance one can implement switching on of lights before a tunnel or acoustic signalling when train coming into a railway station.
  • the programmable Dualaddress which can be corresponded with the Locos address in order to make all functions of a whole train controllable with one pushbutton of the locos adress.
  • automated Programming of the Dualaddress by means of location dependent function control. By this the wagons can be logically coupled




Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Artikkelnr. ZIMMX685
Produsent Zimo