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DSB Personvogn CM 2197, Ca. 1959-1965

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Model of DSB passenger coachs type CM in the “barrel roof” series.

CM was the type DSB used for all 3. classes side aisles with wooden body and after 1934 with common class, i.e. 3. class and 2, class. combined into a “new” 2. class. Over 200 CM coaches in various designs were built from 1897 to 1930. At the same time as new CM wagons, DSB was delivered some slightly shorter coaches with side aisles and a large steam heating boiler at one end of the coach. Many of these boiler coaches were rebuilt in the 1930s into various new coach types in smaller series, where parts of the old coaches were recycled. Some became middle aisle coaches and some with luggage compartments instead of the boiler compartment. But 10 pieces became CM coaches with just eight compartments instead of the newly built CM series with nine compartments. As a conversion product from DSB’s workshops, there were some differences in the details, such as roof vents and plate joints, but common to the carriages were the mirror glass windows and from the outside you could clearly see the control handle for the steam heating in the compartments, which could remind you of the handle for an umbrella left behind.

Our model of the DSB Litra CM is precisely these converted CM wagons from the 1930s, the last of which were scrapped in 1968. One even survived until 1972 in DJK’s ownership, but was abandoned and scrapped.

The 10 coaches were used as other CM coaches in all types of trains, i.e. from mixed trains on “the crooked” between Bramming and Randers to express trains across Zealand and up through East Jutland from Nyborg to Frederikshavn. Therefore, they have also hung behind trains pulled by almost all of DSB’s types of steam locomotives from K, over R to E. Diesel traction was MO with boiler and MY, as well as MX.

The model includes the following features:

  • Body in plastic, chassis in diecast metal
  • Fully-sprung buffers
  • Metal wire handrails
  • Etched metal luggage racks and heating control handles
  • Detailed separately added steam heating pipe-run on chassis.
  • Flexible corridor connection in rubber.
  • Metal platewheel (0,8mm flange)
  • Bogies fitted with power pick-up for interior lighing (not fitted).

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Jernbaneselskap DSB
Skala H0 / 1:87
Produsent Dekas
Artikkelnr. DK-876103
Sporvidde H0 / 16mm