DRG Togsett, E 52 22 med 6 Godsvogner, DCC m/ Lyd

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750 m² butikk i Oslo


Meget flott DRG togsett med den lekre E52-lokomotivet fra Fleischmann og 6 godsvogner. Leveres i DCC digital utgave med lyd. Epoke 2.

Mer informasjon på Engelsk:

Train set with the electric locomotive E 52 22 and goods train of the German State Railroad Company (DRG).

The train set contains the electric locomotive E 52 22, a covered goods wagon type Gr, a open goods wagon loaded with trunks type O, a hinged-lid wagon type K, a stake wagon loaded with turf type Rs, a tank wagon and a caboose.

  • Classic goods train of the Epoch II
  • Metal wheels with fine spokes
  • Functional replica of the jackshaft
  • Finest spoked metal wheels
  • Switchable driver’s cab lighting
  • FLEISCHMANN PROFI plug-in coupling for replacement is included
  • Sound in cooperation with Leosoundlab

In the first procurement plan for new vehicles of the German Reichsbahn, subdivision Bavaria, was also an electric locomotive for the heavy passenger traffic listed that was to be operated on the electrified lines in Bavaria. Numerous designs were considered and a 2‘BB2’ locomotive was chosen. The engine was placed in two sections on a continuous frame. Each section contained two motors that together powered an axle drive shaft with gears. This again drives a jackshaft with angeled crankshafts that is coupled with coupling rods to two drive shafts. Not to exeed the maximum allowed axle load the machines were each equipped with a two axel pivoted forward bogie or a pivoted bypass bogie. The locomotive chassis was built onto the frame with the two driver's cabs at the end. The body was built by Maffei and the electric equipment was supplied by WASSEG which was a joint venture of two companies, AEG and SSW.

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Strømsystem DCC digtal med lyd
Sporvidde H0 / 16mm
Artikkelnr. ROC61492
Jernbaneselskap DB / DRG
Produsent Roco
Skala H0 / 1:87