DR Damplok BR 86 1435-6, DCC m/ Lyd

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750 m² butikk i Oslo


Steam locomotive 86 1435 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn.

Mold variant!

  • The model is equipped with 16 bit sound - for an even better sound quality
  • With a changed boiler line
  • Delicately designed model with many extra applied plug-in parts
  • Long cut out water boxes
  • Fine metal wheel sets
  • With switchable driver’s cab lighting in digital mode
  • Depot Rbd Halle, Bw Röblingen
  • With set of etched signs included
  • Smoke generator retrofittable

From 1928 to 1943, almost all German locomotive factories delivered class 86 to the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (altogether 775 locomotives). The 1,000 hp locomotives were designed to reach a maximum speed of 70-80 km/h; so the DR could use them in their primary application field for "branch lines", however, also for main and feeder lines. At the beginning of the 1950s, 164 class 86 locomotives were still used in the GDR. In 1970, the Deutsche Reichsbahn still provided 162 locomotives with an EDP-compliant running number but then scrapped them from 1973 on.

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Digitalt Grensesnitt -
Strømsystem DCC digtal med lyd
Sporvidde H0 / 16mm
Artikkelnr. ROC70022
Jernbaneselskap DR
Produsent Roco
Skala H0 / 1:87