DB Damplok Br 03 1073, DCC m/ Lyd, Roco Edition

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Tysk DB ekspress-damplok type 03.10 i Roco Edition utgave. Her får man flotte detaljer og lekre digitale funksjoner og belysning.

Mer informasjon på Engelsk:

Express train steam locomotive class 03.10 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

  • Delicately designed model with a new boiler
  • Tender with tender flaps for manual opening
  • Fine wheel sets with spoked lead wheels
  • Reproduction of the third inner cylinder with inner engine
  • With engine lighting

The increasing long-distance travel traffic in Germany, line extensions and shorter travel times meant that the two-cylinder express train locomotives of the 01 and 03 series were more frequently used than before to the detriment of their performance limits. In 1936 the decision was made to purchase newly developed three-cylinder express locomotives, reflecting the zeitgeist, with streamlined fairing. In December 1939, the company Borsig delivered the first approved prototype locomotive of the 03.10 series to the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

The series 03 1001, 1002 and 1043 underwent numerous test runs, in which the triplet engine ran smoothly even at 150 km / h and the aerodynamic fairing resulted in considerable savings on fuel compared to the 01, 03, 17.10, 18.3 and 18.5 series.

Of the 60 machines actually built, only 45 survived the war. The Deutsche Bundesbahn was able to integrate 26 locos to its vehicle fleet. Completely different than initially planned, the successful career of the series 03.10 only began after it had been revised and “undressed”. Until 1966, these great racers, still equipped with new high-performance boilers, provided their services for high-quality express trains at the DB.

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Digitalt Grensesnitt -
Strømsystem DCC digtal med lyd
Sporvidde H0 / 16mm
Artikkelnr. ROC73121
Jernbaneselskap DB / DRG
Produsent Roco
Skala H0 / 1:87