Insta-Cure Super Thin Superlim (CA), m/ Skrukork og Kanyle, 1 oz (28,4 g)

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Fersk superlim av høy kvalitet, rett fra produsent! Ekstra tynt lynlim med tørketid på 1-3 sekunder, og herder etter 1 time. Mengde: 1 oz (28,4 g).

Forbedret flaske med skrukork og kanyle medfølger for ekstra presisjon.

Mer info på engelsk:

Insta-Cure™ has a water-thin viscosity that wicks deep into joints by capillary action and cures in a matter of a few seconds. Surfaces to be bonded must be tight fitting and should be held together while you apply the CA around the edges of the seam. At the moment CAs cure, they give off a vapor that can irritate the nose and eyes, so be prepared. Thin CAs work very well on balsa since they penetrate into the wood and form more than just a surface bond.


Unscrew top from nozzle. For finer applications, use the extender tip. Apply Insta-Cure+™ CA to one side of the parts being joined, then hold them tightly together for 5-15 seconds. For larger bonding areas, apply serpentine beads of the CA with enough spacing to allow for the spreading of the adhesive. Insta-Set™ accelerator can be sprayed to cure the CA that oozes from joints. Full strength is reached in three hours. Wipe the nozzle clean before replacing screw-on top. Refrigerate to extend shelf life. Cured CA is stable from -40 to 220° F. Soak extender tip in acetone for cleaning.

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Artikkelnr. BSI131H
Produsent BSI