Twistlock Pensemotor og Dobbel Microbryter

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750 m² butikk i Oslo


Pakke med Peco Twistlock motor og dobbel mikrobryter.

Nyutviklet og kraftig solenoide vekselmotor som er meget enkel å montere. Leveres ferdig med dobbel mikrobryter for styring av strøm i hjertestykket m.m.

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Twistlock Motor and Microswitch

TwistLock a basic electric solenoid motor, for operating (in the main) turnouts and Microswitch for option to switch polarities, or to operate signals or panel lights etc.

It is powered by a normal 16vDC supply (and can take up to 3 amps) and is fully compatible with all PECO turnouts up to O gauge (and can handle many other proprietary brands too). But no longer will any soldering of wires to the terminals be necessary, nor the cutting of large holes in the baseboard.

Each motor is supplied with a template, which the modeller uses to accurately mark the position of three holes that need to be drilled. The two outer holes are used to attach mounting studs beneath the baseboard. The larger centre hole is where the drive pin of the motor is positioned and threaded through the tie bar of the turnout. The motor is then simply twisted, and locked, into position and will remain firmly attached when operated. An extra operating bar, and spacers for the studs is included with every motor, enabling the above-board mounting of the motor where needed.


Length = 42mm
Hook to Hook = 42mm
Depth = 25mm
Depth with twin Microswitch = 66mm
Extension Pin = 72mm

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Produsent Peco
Artikkelnr. PECPL-1001