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Pere Marquette 73' Pullman-Standard Baggage

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Den nye "name train" serien fra Walthers er denne gangen Pere Marquette i et flott fargeskjema. 7 Forskjellige vogner tilbys, de fleste med ferdig montert interiørlys.Les mer om dette flotte togsettet under.

Mer informasjon på Engelsk:

With its short, colorful consists Walthers newest HO Scale name train is the perfect size for operation or collecting! Railroad-ready out of the box, the new Pere Marquette features:
The Complete Pere Marquette Features:

    Based on Cars & Locomotives in C&O Three-Color Scheme Used from 1954-1963
    Real Metal Finish Simulates Stainless Steel as Appropriate Per Car
    Paint Color-Matched to Original C&O Color Chips
    Proto MAX™ Metal Knuckle Couplers

    Pere Marquette Passenger Car Features:

    Newly-Tooled Diner Coach, Lunch Counter Buffet Lounge & 10-6 Sleeper Available for the First Time
    Factory-Installed Grab Irons
    Prototypically Accurate Window Tinting
    Available With or Without Factory-Installed DC/DCC LED Lighting
    Correct 36" Turned Metal Wheelsets

    Pere Marquette EMD E7A Diesel Features:

    See-Through Air Intake Grilles
    Painted Metal Grab Irons, Handrails & Lift Rings
    Superb Paint & Lettering Matches these Cars
    Five-Pole, Skew-Wound, High-Torque, High-Efficiency Can Motor
    Correct 36" Wheels
    Helical Gears with 12:1 Ratio for Smooth, Ultra-Quiet Running
    Easy Multiple-Unit Operation
    Separately-Controlled Mars Light, Headlight and Number Boards in DCC Operation

The C&O Pere Marquette service operated between Chicago and Detroit carrying passengers through the hub of Grand Rapids. While through-service tickets were sold, the route was handled with two separate trains, meaning through-service passengers changed trains in Grand Rapids.

Actual consists varied as demand changed but C&O usually ran a minimum of two and regularly up to four Pullman-Standard 52-Seat Coaches per train. Originally put into service with side skirts attached, as maintenance was required skirts were removed and one could often see both versions of the car operating on the same train.

Between Chicago and Grand Rapids the 85' P-S Diner Coach was employed for food service, while the Lunch Counter Lounge served patrons traveling from Grand Rapids to Detroit. The remainder of the consist typically included one of each ACF RPO-Baggage Car, P-S Baggage Car, and P-S 10-6 Sleeper, all pulled by an EMD E7A.


C&O's Pere Marquette had the distinction of being the first all-new American streamliner to enter service in 1946, running between Grand Rapids, and Detroit, Michigan. Based on its initial success, service was soon extended to Chicago. A variety of new Pullman-Standard cars were assigned in the 1950s, as the trains were kept fresh and modern to attract riders. Providing convenient service for business travelers and tourists, the trains also handled large volumes of mail into the 1960s. While the C&O had opted to join Amtrak, the Pere Marquette was one of many smaller trains that faded in history on May 1, 1971.
Pere Marquette Features:
* Based on Cars & Locos in C&O 3-Color Scheme Used 1954-1963
* Real Metal Finish Simulates Stainless Steel as Appropriate Per Car
* Paint Color-Matched to Original C&O Color Chips
* Factory-Installed Grab Irons
* Proto MAX(TM) Metal Knuckle Couplers
PLEASE NOTE: As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation. 

Mer informasjon

Mer informasjon
Sporvidde H0 / 16mm
Skala H0 / 1:87
Produsent Walthers
Artikkelnr. WAL9209361